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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’S )

  1. Why do Americans opt for carpet flooring?

    Everyone knows how America suffers from extreme climate, especially winters. A carpeted floor is a perfect choice for them to keep the inner house warm. Carpets are comfortable than hard flooring and do have environmental pros too. Americans believe that carpets make a house home. It adds beauty to the house, best choice for house cushioning, and is overall easy to maintain.

  2. Where can we install a carpet?

    You can install carpets anywhere in a house, wherever you want. Carpet can be installed inside and outside of the house for insulation and decor. A Carpet gives an elegant look to both interior and exterior of the house. In America, a carpeted floor is considered part of the house. You can cover every part of the house with wall-to-wall carpets.

  3. How to take care of and maintain a carpet?

    Maintaining and taking care of a carpeted floor is not very tough work to do. 
    It does not even need a daily basis of cleaning as regular floors need. You need to use a vacuum cleaner twice or three times a week. For extended and complete cleaning, get your carpets to a professional hot water bath at least once a year. Its maintenance is not even costly, just like the carpets.

  4. What are ways to clean a carpet?

    It is pretty easy to clean carpets daily. In day-to-day use, carpets need vacuuming to remove dust and dry waste that get stuck in their strands. Also, there are many ways to get rid of different stains and any other scar on the Carpet quickly.

  5. What are the types of carpets one can buy?

    There are many kinds of carpets available in markets. They are of different shapes, sizes, colors, and prints too. You and find the best Carpets as per your needs that too in vibrant colors, Shapes, and super soft texture. Some carpets are available in stain-resistant and water-resistant quality. Some of them do not even fade the color. It is ultimately an individual’s choice that what kind of carpet one wants to buy or what type of carpets the house needs.

  6. Do carpets look good?

    Yes, carpets look much better than hard regular flooring as they are colorful, stylish, and soft. They have quality prints and different textures that look amazing on the floor. That is why many Americans choose carpet flooring over old regular stone flooring. In addition to all this, they are available in different options to make your own choice. 

  7. What are the pros of carpets over hard floors?

    Carpets have many pros over hard floors. This includes its soft texture; a Carpet is Soft, so safe for kids. They look beautiful than the hard floors. Carpets keep the house warm, so they are energy efficient. In winters, Carpets give much-needed thermal insulation. They are so comfortable for every use. They are even environmentally friendly as they can be recycled, reused, and reduced. More than everything, Carpets are cheaper than traditional hard floorings.

  8. Are carpets too expensive to buy and maintain?

    No, not at all. Carpets are very inexpensive than hard flooring in all ways. A carpet is cheaper to buy and install in the house than that conventional flooring. When it comes to maintenance and cleaning of carpets, that is also too easy. They do not even need daily cleaning like hard floorings. You have to vacuum it twice or thrice a week. 

  9. Are carpets comfortable and suitable for everyone?

    Carpets are comfortable for every use, such as sitting, playing, or any other activities. They are so soft that one can be satisfied with them for a long time. As they are excellent thermal insulator, keeps the house warm and comfortable in winters. All these qualities make it very good for people of every age, be it kids or old ones or your pets. 

  10. What are the benefits of installing a carpet?

    Carpets add a beautiful and stylish look to the house. They give a sense of kindness and softness to the house. In winters, Carpets keep the house warm and comfortable. They are environmentally friendly too. Some studies show that carpets reduce indoor pollution up to some extent. They are less expensive and easy to maintain.

  11. Can we fix a burnet carpet at home?

    A carpet spread all over the area sometimes gets into fixes such as minor burns and stains. Now there is no need to shift your furniture or anything on the burn mark. Now you can fix minor burns on the carpets on your own. There are several ways, such as removing that burnt part with scissors and replace it with a similar piece rather than changing the whole Carpet. If only some strands are burnt, then cut them selectively.

  12. How to dry a wet carpet?

    When the Carpet is washed with water to remove stains and dirt, the next challenge is to dry it without causing any damage to it. Drying a Carpet depends on how much it got wet and the environment around it when drying. You can air dry it like regular cloths, using a fan to allow airflow, you can use the air conditioner to lower humanity which in turn dry the Carpet quickly. Generally, it will take 10 to 12 hours to dry thoroughly.

  13. How to remove stains from a carpet?

    Carpet is used throughout the day and regularly. As a result, they get exposed to dirt and stains, which need to be cleaned to avoid bacterial growth and make it home for diseases. The Stains can be of anything such as furniture, shoe polish, or from a burn or and spills. A simple way to remove it is to wash it with mild detergents in that area or the whole Carpet and dry it thoroughly. You can use a specific stain remover according to the stain it has.

  14. Can I remove the smell from the Carpet?

    Exposure to dust and dirt particles causes bacterial growth in humidity. This causes odor in the carpets, and that is a serious issue that needs to be resolved and can be removed using baking soda before vacuuming it. Keep the house well ventilated to remove the smell of new carpets, which comes because of chemicals.

  15. How to protect Carpet?

    You can protect your carpets with Scotchgard, a spray that protects fabrics. Spraying it on the Carpet will make it dust and water-resistant at the same time. Its just needs to be applied every six months.

About Street Carpet

street carpet

Street carpet is one such website where all normal Americans will find the answers to any query related to a carpet. Wondering why we are bothering to inform you about the know-how of dealing with or installing a carpet? Well, we will tell you why. A carpet adds a touch of grandeur to your interior and exterior as well. In America, having a carpeted floor is very popular.

Homebuilders had discovered that they could somewhat put in minimum flooring and cover that with a wall-to-wall carpet, and eventually, the carpet, which was nailed down, was sold as a part of the house itself. There are several reasons for which Americans opt for carpets.

Carpet is cheaper, it appears softer and warmer underfoot, and a properly maintained carpet is way better for injured air quality than a hard-surfaced floor. Maintaining a carpet is also quite easy. All you need to do is vacuum it two to three times a week and a professional hot water extension every one of two years.

The beauty comes up performance value and sustainability the to carpet provides meets it can be the first choice of every American. A carpet not only improves the interior show of the house by cushioning the impact of slips and falls but also dampens noise and makes it easier to learn and concentrate.

Carpets today are environment friendly and schemed in a way that they exist, staining, fading, and even resist heavy foot traffic. They come in so many styles, colors, shapes, and sizes that you get full liberty of reflecting your taste and personality through them. The plethora of choices allows you to personalize your living space according to your yearning.

A carpet can be a focal point with vibrant colors, bold and strong patterns, and strike textures. The most important reason why Americans prefer carpet is that a carpet provides ideal thermal insulation and resistance. It is not unknown that America suffers from a very extreme type of climate. Hence during cold days, insulation becomes mandatory.

Carpets retain warm air for longer and have energy conservation benefits. You do not need an electric heater if your home is very well insulated; buy carpets will stop. Carpets also provide a comfortable place to sit, play or work, thus giving the room an overall warmer feeling. Installing a carpet in your home also has environmental benefits. Carpet makes a house a home.

A house without a carpet feels barren. Most of the countries carpets are produced in Georgia. Carpet imparts a sense of kindness and gentleness. Besides adding style and comfort to your house, a carpet serves many other purposes. If you have a poor little friend in your house, it is better to have carpet flooring than a normal hard-surfaced one. in this era of pollution consciousness, it is also important to have flooring that promotes eco-friendliness. Studies have shown that indoor pollutant levels are usually two to five times higher than they are outside. A carpet provides sustainable, eco-friendly flooring options that minimize indoor pollution and alleviates health problems caused by toxic flooring…

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